Bringing A Taste Of Ghana To Colorado

7539Under the creative direction of master drummer and dancer Maputo Mensah, Logo Ligi is a Colorado-based West African drum and dance troupe dedicated to celebrating the style and spirit of traditional West African performance art. Logo Ligi seeks to increase the awareness of a global community by sharing this traditional form of music and dance.

Using the spiritual language of drum and dance, Logo Ligi creates new avenues of communication, bringing to communities a profound cross-cultural learning experience, and a new understanding of the beauty in our world. The name of the group comes from the Ghanaian language of Ga, and translates as ‘to tickle, play or excite’ – and Logo Ligi performances do just that. In performance, Logo Ligi creates life-giving energy that permeates audience members and participants to the very core of their being. By sharing the contagious rhythms, celebratory songs, and exhilarating dances of West Africa, Logo Ligi is sure to inspire and invigorate you.

It is our intention to increase the awareness of a global community through artistic expression. More now than ever we find ourselves trying to blur the barriers of culture segregation through exploring the beauty, similarities and knowledge that exists in many cultures. Among-st the diversity we can unite in a world community.